The Hunt for a home

After a fantastic week holiday in Phuket a new chapter of my journey began.  This chapter is the hunt for a home, now this began with a 12 hour overnight bus trip from Phuket through to Bangkok.  I must say that once is enough for me when it comes to these bus trips and although it has its perks- such as being able to see the country side and environment- the lack of space, food and for a number of people deodorant I have decided that from now on I shall be flying between places haha.  The actual bus ride wasn’t even the worst part, the worst was when we arrived in Bangkok.  Now I have mentioned in previous posts about the “Thai time” effect, yet this bus trip was the opposite. Instead of arriving late we actually arrived an hour early, which means we arrived at 5am.  Again this isn’t even the worst part, I could have survived reaching Bangkok an hour early, the worst part was the bus station itself.  Upon arrival we joined a line for meter taxi- this is pretty much a normal taxi except they charge you according to a meter reading in their car and not on a prearrange figure- the was about 15-20meters long.  This doesn’t sound long I know, yet somehow we stood in this for 1hour45minutes and after a 12 hour bus ride, with no food and no shower I imagine that this line was the closest environment to hell in the world.  As you can gather my hunt for a home adventure did not start the way I had hoped or imagined, however it did pick up following our departure from hell (aka the bus station).

The actual search for a home began over the weekend when Katy and I emailed our agent with a sort of break down as to what we were looking for in our future apartment.  For us the requirements were that our apartment had a kitchen, a shower and proper toilet while the block needed to have a pool and a gym.  After a bit of back and forth discussion we were reminded that finding an apartment with a kitchen was a very difficult task, as the majority of Thai people do not cook in their homes, and so after conceding that we shall not have kitchen our agent went off to find us some options.  He managed to find three suitable options for us to look at and so at 9:30am yesterday we set out to look at apartments.  The first two apartments are in a sort of complex called D-condo, which consists of four buildings, two swimming pools and two gyms.  The first room was really small, in the main area it had a couch and a bed and off to one side through a door was the “kitchen” (just a sink really) and off the kitchen was a toilet.  Feeling slightly disappointed and anxious about the rest of the rooms we headed off to look at the next room, this room was in the same complex just in a different block.  The second room was drastically better, although it had a very similar design with the bed room and lounge being one area and then the kitchen and toilet off to one side it was still better.  It was bigger than the first room and it came with a couch, table, tv and room divider, the kitchen also came with a microwave haha.  After a little walk about and some online research as to what the third apartment looked like, we decided that this was our best option and chose to take it.  This was very exciting for both us for a number of reasons, firstly we found a home, secondly it ticked all our boxes and finally it is our first apartment together haha.  After completing all the paper work- none of which I understood as it was all Thai- we were handed the keys and told good luck.


Our new home (the before photo)

This is when the fun started our first order of business was to head to Ikea in search of bedding.  Now for those of you that have never been to Ikea picture a maze but this maze has arrows which lulls you into a false sense of safety and security as you think you know where you going yet before you know it BAM you are lost in some showroom set up with spinning lights, alien posters and bunk beds.  However after countless days (3 hours) we managed to find our way out with the majority of things on our list, the most important being bed sheets a bin a floor mat for the bathroom.


Our room after Ikea (the after photo)


The all-important bedding

We were also fortunate enough to land ourselves a room with a wonderful view from our bed side window, we managed to get a view of the blocks pool and gym.  This is a lot better than other room, which had a view of another block haha.  Now when I mention the word gym, I do so in a very lose manner, that is because the gym here consists of one treadmill, one bicycle, one walker/step thing and a total of 10 dumbbells (with the heaviest being 25lbs or about 12kg).  So as you can imagine the range of exercises here is slightly limited, however the pool is fantastic, I would say it is about 20-25meters in length which is perfect for swimming laps and is now my main form of exercise.


The view from our 4th floor bedroom window

After spending our first day and night here in our new condo I can truly say that this is a fantastic place and is certainly a place I can call home for the next year.  Tomorrow we head out into the neighbourhood to see what our area is like and hopefully find some food markets and some crazy adventures.

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5 responses to “The Hunt for a home”

  1. colleen says:

    Your flat looks great and the pool looks amazing. I really enjoy catching up with what you two are up to! thanks for keeping us updated. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    I can already see the couch where I will be sleeping!

  3. Minion says:

    Looks so cool! Glad you have found such a nice place. Expecting reports of great lap times there Shrimp. Enjoy 🙂

  4. Holden says:

    Looks good my boy.
    Well done to you guys on your first apartment

  5. Fred en Liz Walters says:

    Hi Shaun and Katie!

    How are you? Enjoying what you’re doing? We’ll be reading your blog regularly from now on and find out the answers to our questions!

    Take good care of yourselves.
    Lots of love!

    “Oupa” Fred and “Ouma” Liz

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