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Hello everyone

I have some very exciting news to share with you all. Last time I posted I spoke about ocean conservation and my divemaster course, I ended the last post saying that I had emailed Project AWARE and was waiting to hear from them regarding a way for me to contribute and help out.

I can now happily and excitedly say that after a couple emails, I have launched a fundraising campaign. The aim of this campaign is two fold, firstly it is to raise money for my divemasters course and secondly to raise funds for Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris campaign.

In the campaign I explain in some detail the extent of ocean pollution and the negative effects it has on all marine life. As my first contribution to ocean conservation and Project AWARE I have pledged to donate 20% of the total money raised by my campaign, towards their Dive Against Debris project. They are a great organisation who strive to change the way marine conservation is handled and understood, so any contribution towards these aims and goals could make a significant impact.

As also mentioned previously, I shall completing my DM course at Big Blue Diving. They truly are the best school around and have been such a help with this fundraising campaign by sharing some of my blog posts and also sharing the campaign.  Please visit and like their Facebook page and if you ever consider doing any diving course in Thailand, be it recreational, technical or conservational, then Big Blue Diving is without a doubt the place to go to.

Finally I would like to ask you all to please contribute towards my campaign by either donating money or sharing the link (would be amazing if you could do both haha).  Every bit helps so donations and shares will be greatly appreciated.

Click to Shaun’s Divemasters to Actively Fight Ocean Pollution visit my campaign page!!!

Again I thank you for reading, and please stay tuned to keep update on the progress of the campaign. 


(Image courtesy of Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris Campaign)

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