The end of Cape Town and the beginning of Thailand.

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Its been a long time coming for me to finally get myself to Thailand, with many a sigh of relief from my family¬†that I¬†may actually¬†get to do something constructive with my life – haha.¬† This journey began a couple months ago when Katy (the gf) and I decided some change was in order and thought the best option would be to try our hand at teaching English in Thailand.¬† And so through a very helpful Stu Brown and Liam Kelly at Travelbud the plan started to take shape ūüôā¬†The plan¬†consists of a month long TESOL course in Hoa Hin and then a teaching position (hopefully) somewhere in Thailand.¬†With the departure date (26th March) fast approaching I set out to organise a visa, a police clearance, work clothes and a number of other not so interesting things.¬† With all the admin being completed on time, the last step of the¬†leaving procedure¬†came to the forefront… saying goodbye.¬† This was¬†quite a¬†stressful time as I had to fit in both friends and family¬†while my days left¬†were numbered. However all worked out and everyone was seen to and got their chance to say how much they would miss me and how jealous they were ūüôā – haha.¬† but really, everyone was and has been very helpful and supportive with my new plans and I do thank you all.


     Saying goodbye in CT

The journey began with a two day stint in Jollburg (aka Joburg) where we bonded with Justin, Stace, Sas and Mike.  This bonding included a number of standard man activities such as; xbox, braaing, drinking and putt-putt, all of which I excelled at Рhaha.  Following this lovely bonding time we set off for Thailand, this stage of the adventure included a 9 hour flight to Doha, where we had a three hour lay over in a very average airport, before a 6h30minish flight to Bangkok.




Team Jollburg at putt-putt

Upon arriving in Bangkok we snuck silently and uneventfully through customs and immigration before hastily locating our luggage and heading for the supposed exit.¬† However due to Katy’s directional abilities (or lack there of) we left through exit 10 instead of exit 3, spending the next 15minutes attempting to locate exit 3. My navigating skills took hold and we managed to find not only our taxi but two other prospective teachers.¬† After the introductions we left on a seemingly endless bus drive to our 2009hotel for the night, the H-residence.¬† H-Residence is a very nice hotel (they included aircon and said we didn’t have to pay extra for it ūüôā ), here we met up with a couple of other people who would be completing the teacher course with us.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0079.                 Our hotel room at H-Residence

After a¬†good night’s sleep in our cold room, we met up with the rest of the Red Team ( our team for the month of the course) and again boarded a bus for an even longer journey to Hoa Hin.¬† However, the adventures of Hoa Hin will be documented in the next post, so try wait patiently while I do cool, amazing, fun stuff to write (and make you jealous) about. ūüôā



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