Hoa Hin…Day 1

After a long drive from Bangkok ( roughly 2h30min) we arrived at our new home for the next month, called Suchaya House ūüôā It is a lovely place, our room even includes an aircon AND a fridge- which in Thailand is a big thing. ¬†However upon arrival we only had enough time to drop our bags in the lobby before they had us back in the buses and on the way to the mall. ¬†The mall was very nice, very modern and clean, we had a quick tour of the center looking at banks, cell phone shops and Tesco. ¬†Our time at the mall went quick, spending most of it navigating around the maze that is Tesco ( the Thai equivalent of Walmart or Macro) searching for drinkable water and toilet paper. ¬†While at Tesco we also had our first Thai meal known as Pad Thai; it’s a noodle and chicken type dish quite spicy but very good and cheap.


                                                        Our hotel room, including aircon AND fridge

Following our adventures at Tesco we went back to our hotel and were allowed to check in and unpack our lives into our new home.  Our group then decided to head towards the beach for a well deserved beer:) However this was easier said then done, and after walking for a while we decided a  taxi would be a better option, after paying the 10 baht we found ourselves to be further away than we originally were Рhaha, but we have come to see that that is Thailand.  This mission however was well worth it, as the beach we found was truly amazing.  We were greeted by whiteish sand and blueish seas, there were also supposedly horses on the beach, however they looked more like medium sized donkeys Рhaha.  This did not stop our craving for beer though and we soon found a nice bar/restaurant on the beach, in the sand where we all settled in for a couple Changs and a swim.



                                                                     Adventuring (aka lost) in Hoa Hin




Red Team enjoying a nice cool down swim



                                                                             The well deserved Changs

The day was still but a puppy at this time, as in Thailand the border between day and night is blurred and many shops and markets only open at 5/6pm. ¬†This served us well as a number of us developed some hunger pangs and decided to head toward the night market in search of some sustenance. ¬†The night market was a wonderful experience, with many different shops and stalls selling everything from the latest dvds, wallets, clothes, gadgets, shoes, suits and of course food. ¬†We decided to eat at a corner restaurant where I had a cashew nut Pad Thai ( only traditional Thai meal I actually eat) which was very good, a bit spicy but nothing a Chang couldn’t handle. ¬†We walked around the market for a while longer, just looking and admiring at the locals ability to construct a successful lifestyle in all this chaos.







                                                                       Adventures of the night market

Following this adventure at the night market we thought it best to call it a night and hopped back into a taxi and headed toward home. ¬†All in all I saw it as a rather constructive, eventful and learning filled first day, with many a new friend being made and many a great time being shared ūüôā

To hear about the even more exciting adventures of Hoa Hin…Day two, please stay tuned ūüôā



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