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Today’s post is just to keep you updated on my research and findings regarding ocean pollution so far.  All the research has been quite fruitful and educational – I have discovered a large number of organisations around the world full of like-minded divers who have made it their mission to both dive and protect the ocean.  Many dive schools also have conservation departments and some organise their own reef and beach clean-up days.

One such school is Big Blue Diving.  I have mentioned them before as this is where I did my Advanced Open Water course.  During my recent research I found out that Big Blue has quite an extensive conservation department; they have even joined up with a number of other dive schools and ocean ecology organisations on the island, through which they organise these beach and reef clean-up dive days on a monthly basis.  Due to this and number of other reasons- such as the fact that they also have a Tec diving section- has made them my number one choice for my Divemaster course.  Big Blue offer a number of DM course packages, which included speciality courses and internships depending on which you choose.  The courses I am currently choosing between offer some of the same things- such as a full set of equipment, accommodation and unlimited diving- however they differ in that one package offers 3 spec courses, while the other offers an underwater videography course.  Unfortunately for me I just want to do it all; I want to do every course they offer in all the packages. Haha. However this isn’t actually possible, so I am going to go out there, visit the school in order to have a chat with them and determine the best course of action for me to take; obviously one that includes me partaking in their ocean conservation department.

Just like the DM course research, the conservation research has also gone very well. I have read up on a number of organisations and departments who offer courses and clean up dives as well as forums and online communities through which divers and conservationists can discuss and organise activities and fundraisers.  I have been most drawn to the organisation known as Project AWARE. They are a community of divers, ecologists, conservationists as well as ordinary people all whom have a passion for protecting the ocean. The Project AWARE team have recently revamped their look and goals and have now focused their attention on shark protection and ocean pollution.  Their anti-pollution campaign is called “Dive Against Debris” and focuses on raising awareness about ocean pollution. They achieve this by getting divers to complete surveys and organise and/or partake in clean up dives.

I want to get involved in this great organisation in any way possible so have emailed them to find out in what way I can contribute to the Dive Against Debris campaign.

Thank you for reading, and please follow up to find out how both you and I can contribute to the saving of our ocean.


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