Hua Hin…day 9 and 10

Hey guys, been a while.  Its just been a terribly busy last two days, the work load and general information which we are needing to take in seems to have doubled since Monday haha.  As you can remember last time we spoke I had just completed my first teaching practical lesson plan ( about two days ago), since then we have not only learnt how to present a reading and listening class but have also been made to present each one.  It started yesterday, we began the day with a review of our presentations and what the major issues were overall.  A class discussion was had on what would need changing for the school camp we have next week and we were also briefed as to what this camp would entail.  The rest of the afternoon consisted mainly of learning how to present a reading class, although this is easier then the speaking class ( this is the one we did in Tuesdays presentation) it takes a lot longer to compose as it requires us all to write our own short story.  However the day wasn’t complete boredom, in fact a number of positive things come about.  Firstly; during our break I followed the advice of a fellow red team member by the name of Andrew who showed me this awesome photo he had taken at the beach.  I proceed to find this secret spot was able to capture a number of wonderful photos while being to cool off in the ocean during the hot day.  During this adventure I also made a number of new crab friends amongst the shells and pillars and was even fortunate enough to see a local man fishing in the shallow waters.  The secret spot that I have mentioned is in fact under a pier which happens to be located in front of the Thai Navel and Marine Police base and so I had to use a fair amount of my SAS escape and evade tactics when things got hairy with the local special forces based there.  My photos do not give the real scene full justice at all and I am conducting a search for a better photographer who can really show you the beauty of this area.


Under the pier to the light at the end


Pier tunnel from a crabs perspective

Following this wonderful break time experience we headed back to class to continue our academic studies.  As these gripping class began myself, Katy and a number of other students from our group got called out of class.  Fearing the worst I grab the wallet in hope that money could solve the situation haha, however none of this was need as we got some of the best news yet.  We all have JOB INTERVIEWS!!!!!  This news created that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you see a cute husky puppy for the first time and it immediately brightened up my day.  It also meant that my chances of focusing for the rest of the day went out the window though haha.

The rest of the day sped by luckily and soon we found ourselves at home attempting to write a short story for our reading class.  We were allowed to choose our own topics and age groups for this task, the actual task consisted of writing a short story and coming up with three questions per section- the sections are scanning, comprehension and inference.  Now for my story, first some details; I aimed my story at elementary level kids ( ages 6-8) and my topic was under the sea, with the theme under water adventures.  The story was titled; The Adventures of Sammy the sea turtle and consisted of 7 sentences.

  1. Sammy the sea turtle lived in Coral Village, under-the-sea.
  2. He had many fish friends in the reef.
  3. Sammy and his friends loved to play games and race in the sea currents.
  4. After races Sammy and his fish friends would swim down and lie on the sand.
  5. One day while playing in the currents, they found a shipwreck in the sand.
  6. They began to play in the shipwreck when Sammy found a chest.
  7. As they all tried to open the chest they found that it had been locked.

Now this is the type of English level that can be used to teach ages ranging from 4-10 years old depending on the school and level of English proficiency.  As you can see it is very basic and the question are even more basic, one example of my questions is, “where does Sammy the sea turtle live?”.  Most questions follow along this line with the hardest questions being those in the inference section as the actual answers too these questions aren’t in the story.  After completing this assignment at about 12pm last night, I proceed to have the best night sleep so far.

Day 10

And so day 10 began in the normal order, breakfast, shower and dress.  However today saw my dress in possibly my most formal and smart looking clothes ( aka my most sweat inducing clothes) as I was prepping for the interview, this also meant an earlier wake up for Katy as she also needed prep time before her interview.  We followed normal routine until we got to class, once there we ( being those in line for interviews) huddled together and discussed possible questions and our own strategies haha.  But as is normal in Thailand our supposed 10:30am interview changed venues and we were only collected from our school at 10:45am and driven to the XploreAsia office a way down the road.  Once there we again experienced Thai culture and were made to wait outside for a further 3 hours before the interviews with our group began.  When my turn come I was feeling positive and ready to go, a number of people had been before me and they only had positive things to say about the interviewer.  In I went and met this nice Thai agent lady who proceed to inform me about her company and their connects and dealings with schools, we had a long conversation about my life and my experiences with children.  We also discussed my preferences for teaching in Thailand, such as age groups and locations, as well as how the course was going and what the situation would most likely be in terms of myself and Katy and teaching here.  It was a very enlightening discussion but as can be seen it was more a discussion then an actual job interview.  Although this was somewhat disheartening ( as some people before me were offered jobs) I am still feeling good and positive as at least this is a step in the right direction and the lady did seem positive that finding a suitable job would not be an issue.


Interview outfits

After the interview sessions we all headed back to class to join the others ( remembering that we left class at 10:45am and returned at 2pm) and attempt to catch up with the academics we missed.  Luckily for us the group had not proceed to far and so we hadn’t missed to much, in fact we arrived in time to hear about the home work which is due for tomorrow haha.  We spent the remainder of class learning the layout and structure for a listening lesson plan ( the home work) and were then divided into pairs in which we are meant to complete the home work.  I was paired up with Jez a fellow SAFFA girl, together we developed a lesson plan for kindergarten students with the topic snow and theme snowman which we are to present in class tomorrow.  Tonight had yet a another highlight for us as it was the red teams movie night.  Now movie night entailed the whole of red team gathering at the XploreAsia office to watch a Thai romantic comedy about two teachers ( it is even based on a true story).  As is understandable we went in with a little apprehension as to exactly what this movie would be like however the promise of free snacks and drinks managed to insure that everyone was present haha.  The movie turned out to be very funny and was actually very enjoyable, it is definitely something I would watch again and would even recommend to people who have a spare moment.  It also provided a perfect opportunity for a red team family portrait and was a great calm ending to busy long day.


The red team family portrait

And so another week is almost at its end here in Hua Hin and compared to last week that isn’t a bad thing.  Although it has been a long and tough week, it has been filled with many new experiences and learning opportunities- which is the reason we are on this adventure in the first place.  I can say whole heartedly that this has been an amazing experience so far and I would wish to be nowhere else then here with these people.

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