Hua Hin…day 8

And so day 2 of week 2 here in Hua Hin began with a nice late morning; luckily this week we only have to be at class at 9:30am so we get a much needed extra hour sleep-in haha.  Today’s class was all about the presentations and as you can imagine nerves were running high ( although few wanted to admit it).  The first group presented and did really well. Their topic was technology and their age group was 15-18 year-olds. Now although this sounds old enough, you must remember that English for them is the equivalent of Xhosa for us ( those reading this from SA at least) and so words and sentences like “browse the internet” are too difficult.  As the teacher you really have to make things as easy as possible, sometimes it’s simple, like changing ‘browse’ to ‘search’ and changing mobile phone to cell phone but sometimes you have to change entire sentences and that is were it gets hard.  For most of the groups the biggest issue was in understanding exactly what level of English their respective age groups understand, as even if the content and activities which you set out are correct and helpful, if you cannot explain the rules of certain activities or describe certain meanings, then the whole lesson is a bust.  However many of, in fact, all the groups did really well for their first time. There was a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm from both the teachers and the class; everyone joined in on the games and tried to make the class as realistic as possible.  There was also a lot of constructive feedback given by both of the mentors and the students and after each group presented, a short discussion was had as to what they could be improved and changed and what they did well in.



Mellisa and Trish acting for their kindergarten pets class


Some more class acting

Now for the part you have all been waiting for… my presentation haha.  So before we went up, Nicky and I managed to quickly recap who was saying what, and when stuff should be said.  Luckily for us we were about the 5th group to go so we were also able to learn from the previous groups and we slightly adjusted our plan according to the feedback other groups received haha.  Anyway, we started off really well, we had the class all hop around like Easter bunnies in search of little pictures we had placed around ( there were 4 different types of pictures, the first was an egg, second a basket, third some bunny ears and lastly a chocolate), once each person had a picture they were to hop back to their desks for the 2nd phase of the class.  This phase introduced our vocab words. Now each was told to present 7-10 vocab words during their lesson; our words were: Easter egg, bunny, hop, find, ears, chocolate and basket.  When introducing these words we had our flashcards and pictures of each thing and would hold them up and ask the class to repeat and act it out, the rest of the class continued in this fashion with us acting and saying the words and sentences and then the students copying us.  All in all I think we both did really well for our first time – after starting off a bit nervous we both kinda found our place and worked well together.  However there were a number of issues with our presentation, such as our sentences were too long for kindergarten kids to understand and some of our instructions were to long and complex as well.  We were also told we needed more energy and to be more interactive with the kids.  These are the types of things you learn from experience though and we still felt happy with how it went, and are now better prepared and more determined for our next turn as teacher.

I did take videos of the class today and I do also have a number of other videos from throughout our time here, but as I am new to this whole blogging thing my knowledge of posting videos is very limited.  I do however have my minions on the issue and promise to post whole section just filled of videos for your viewing pleasure; this should be up within a day or so, so please have patience haha.

Before I head off to bed now I would just like to congratulate everyone in the Red team on their wonderful performances today – I am positive we will all make amazing teachers in time (some will maybe need more time then others though haha).  But really, well done guys, has been a great time and I look forward to many more.

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