Hua Hin…day 7

Today marked the beginning of our first work week which, believe it or not has been something we have all actually been looking forward too.  Although orientation week was loads of fun and full of interesting activities, it was nice to start doing what we actually came here to do.  And so, today began with a quick run through of the homework we did over the weekend ( which was about teaching approaches) and people were asked their opinions on the different strategies and why they would use that approach.  We were then given a break-down as to which strategy XploreAsia like to use and why. This is particularly important as it is the stuff we will be tested on come exam time, so a lot of notes were taken haha.  During this morning session we also covered lesson planning and structures, which following break time, were demonstrated to us in a practical class scenario by our wonderful mentors. Now these mentors I mention, they are really great people. We have Zach who is our head teacher – he is the one that teaches all the classes and provides all the work.  Damien is our facilitator – he throws out comments (some of which are constructive) during the class and is also in charge of our team and makes sure we are well-behaved and get to class on time (some would say he has got the harder job, but he makes it look very easy).

Again, many notes were taken and many questions were asked during these class scenarios as we knew that this is what we had to do for homework tonight.  The homework for tonight consist of us all being put randomly into pairs; each pair was then given a topic ( I got the topic Easter) and an age group to which they will be “presenting” their class ( I got kindergarten).  With this information and the notes we made from earlier we are meant to construct a 50minute lesson plan based around our topic that we will demonstrate to our class (the rest of red team) tomorrow.  Now I’m not sure if any of you have ever planned out a 50minute kindergarten class for children who cannot actually speak English, but let me tell you it is a LOT harder then you would imagine.  The amount of behind the scenes work that goes into lesson planning makes me feel bad for all the times I was disruptive and unfocused during class. Tteachers really do put in huge amounts of effort when planning a class.  Anyway, so Nicky (my partner) and I got to work; we came up with a nice game to start the class off with ( this is known in teacher circles as a warmer) and then followed the template and developed a vocab session around Easter based words – I even had to draw up a couple of flashcards for the class haha.  For our first ever lesson plan, I think/hope it will be a great success. We just hope it is exciting and interactive enough to retain the attention of 6year olds for close to an hour while still being educational.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0064. My home made flashcards based around Easter

So, please wish us all luck as we head into our second day of academic work.  Probably the scariest one we shall have as we present the class plan, but I am sure everyone will succeed fantastically.  I shall also take some videos and more photos of everyone in action tomorrow so that you readers can see what it’s like for us aspiring teachers haha.  Thank you all for reading and hope you will be back to learn about the success ( or failure) of my lesson plan.

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