Hua Hin…day 4, 5 and 6

So this has been our first weekend here in Hua Hin, and I must say it has probably been one of the best this year. We started our Friday with another Thai language session. It is a difficult language to learn as lots of words are spelt the same but just pronounced differently to mean different things haha. However our group did really well and we managed to count to 100 and are also able to say: Sawaddee cup, sabaai dee mai cup? Pom cheu Shaun, khun cheu aria? Which means: Hello, how are you? My name is Shaun, what is your name? So as you can see, I’m pretty much fluent and now blend in wonderfully with the locals. Following our language lessons we had a brief lunch break before we were back in the class and going over some more course work and living areas. During this time we also read stories and messages from past teachers about their experience and some helpful tips, it was really great to hear some first hand stories and we learnt a lot from them.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0037.Playing soccer with the school kids during break


Little beach mission during break

After our time at the school we headed off to probably something all us guys were looking forward to the most, mauy thai.  For this we headed off to the Grand Plaza mauy thai gym (I think that is what it is called). Once we were all ready we partook in a quick warm up session.  Then we were split up into three groups to begin our training, first we were taught how to jab and punch, there is actually a lot more technique involved in a punch then one may first believe haha.  Throughout the session we were also taught how to knee, kick and even elbow, it was a fun time, very sweaty, but very fun, and is definitely something I am going to try and get into during my time here.  I have also realised that for some unknown reason the women seem to be able to kick much harder then many of the guys.  Once home we had a very long cold swim to try and relax the muscles and get the sweat off before we headed out for our first major party night.

Whole team post mauy thai session


Courteney about to show everyone how its done

This first night out was pretty major haha.  We started out with a couple vodka red bull and soda water mixes around the pool while we waited for the weather to cool down and the women to get ready haha.  There were  about 21 of us going out so we kinda brought the party no matter where we went which was quite cool as we didn’t really know where to go in the first place haha.  So we began with an eventful songtaow (taxi) ride to the local Hilton hotel, which has one of the biggest clubs in Hua Hin and it also stays open the latest which is cool.  However it is also relatively expensive so we headed down the road to a club called Click, its a sick place with a 39Baht beer special which is always nice.  We stayed here for a couple hours and the night started getting out of hand, we tried out a new shot, called the kamakazi, its a frozen type thing which is perfect in this heat.  As the night progressed so did we and we moved the party to a place called the Blue Monkey, there we met up with the rest of the XploreAsia people and took over the entire club ( we numbered roughly 50/60 people).  Here is were sh**t really started to get real, shirts were taken off, shoes were lost and even a glass table was broken all while people were attempting to play some beer pong in the middle of the club haha.  After this night of mayhem we followed the standard post joll ritual and headed over to Mc Ds for a good meal before leaving for home.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0054. The vodka red bull and soda water pre-match



30baht kamakazi shots with Adam

And so all in all it was a very successful Friday night, which as per normal, meant it was a very unsuccessful Saturday haha.  In true post joll day fashion Saturday only began at 11am, with a nice cold shower followed by a hearty breakfast of coco pops.  Somehow in our lazy state some of us still managed to get ourselves up and out to the local beach, we decided it would be best to retrace our steps from the previous night and headed over to the beach in front of the Hilton hotel.  Although the beach was wonderful and beautiful myself and Adam decided life would be better in the large, majestic rim flow pool of the Hilton hotel.  This pool is so nice that it even includes an in water restaurant/ bar, a jacuzzi section and a kiddie slide ( which we of course tried out).  After spending a good hour or two wallowing our hangovers away, the hunger pains made themselves apparent and we headed back home in search of food.  Some people had pasta some rice but I had pizza ( best decision ever) and we retired to the pool area for the remainder of the afternoon.  That evening we all again headed out in search of dinner and found ourselves at the weekend market, these market are great places for cheap, traditional Thai food.  Some of the Red team members even partook in the traditional delicacies and ate a bag of bugs including grasshoppers and what looked like baby cockroaches ( am trying to locate photos of the meal), if what they said was true, then the meal wasn’t actually to bad taste wise, but still not a thing I would try out.  After getting my share of food which consisted of chicken on a stick and some fries, I decided to call it a night and headed on home for some much needed rest.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0058.A little sea swim with the hungover crew  


Selfie with the Hilton Hotel as a back drop

And now before you know it Sunday was upon us, Sunday was a another lazy day with not much going on at all.  I think the farthest anyone ventured from the hotel was to the family mart about 30meters away to get food haha.  However the day was not a total waste and we all gathered around the pool to have a chat and tan, many also used this time to discus the homework that was due at 12pm that night, and as per usual, not many people had done much of it.  Luckily the homework wasn’t very much and just consisted of a bit of reading and then a couple paragraphs of writing, yet as it was our first homework assignment a great deal of effort was put in by all to make sure it was of a high standard.

And this day marked the end of orientation week and the beginning of work week.  There are both feelings of excitement and nervous as we head into this week, for many it is the first time that we will be learning this sort of work ( one or two people in the course already have teaching/educational degrees) and so of course there is a bit of apprehension for what is to come.  However, I am positive that we shall all thrive throughout this week and not only build ourselves but also each other as we help one another grasp the work being taught to us.  I am very much looking to what this week has to offer and will be sure to keep you guys in the loop and perhaps even educate a few of you with what I learn.  Please stay tuned for the upcoming educational posts, bring your friends and siblings as you never know what they could learn hahah.


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