Hua Hin…day 15

Today was a relatively slow day, as class was filled with people doing their presentations in preparation for the English camp tomorrow. It turns out that instead of a two day camp with the two classes as we expected, we will now be teaching seven classes over a four day period. These classes will range in age groups from 4-10 year olds (so kindergarten through to elementary), I am scheduled to teach three elementary classes tomorrow (in Thai they are called Pathom classes) and my theme is daily routine. For this I have created a lesson plan based around “a morning in the life of Superman,” the kids will be required to learn a few vocabulary words taught through a dialog type sequence at the beginning, and then there are a couple of fun based activities to end off the class. I was lucky in this project as I got paired with Katy (first time in the course) and she has been a great help when coming up with ideas and activities, however she has been feeling quite ill lately and even took the day off school today to try and rest up for the camp. If she doesn’t get better by tomorrow morning I may be teaching on my own, a task I am not to thrilled about at this stage haha.

I know in the future and at my actual teaching job I will have to teach alone and that this would obviously be great experience, I am just not mentally prepared enough at this stage to do it tomorrow. We have been prepping and planning this whole lesson around us doing it together, and above that we were told today that some of the classes may even number up to 45 students, that is a lot of students to handle on one’s own. If the class was perhaps 15 or 20 students then I would feel confident enough to tackle it by myself, but I’m not sure if I could do 45. Anyway, we have completed all the planning, drawn up all our flashcards and vocabulary words and are all set and ready to go for tomorrow, we now just waiting for Katy to heal haha.

So seeing as this post is quite short (and lets be honest a little boring) I am finally able to attach a video for your viewing. Now this video is also available on YouTube under the name Songkran 2015, you may also need to search for my channel (Unguided- the world tour) to which you can subscribe and then be able to see all the videos I will be posting. For now though I will post a little taster video filmed during Songkran this past Monday.

That is it for now, I am off to bed as it is an early start for school tomorrow.  Wish me luck for my first proper teaching experience and don’t forget to stay tuned to find out how it all went in the next post.

Enjoy the video.

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