Hua Hin…day 12

And so my second weekend here in Hua Hin started with a bang, well sort of.  It technically started with class on a Saturday which is never a fun thing, but we managed to power through most of the work and luckily we ended early.  This allowed everyone to head home and have a swim before hitting a power nap in our air conditioned rooms as we prepared ourselves for the night ahead.  Now as can be imagined it takes a lot of effort to coordinate 50+ people; when the day started everyone was planning to meet at a house for our project X party, however that seemed to be swiftly cancelled once the mentors heard haha.  It was then moved to the beach as it is the one venue that could fit everyone in, yet trying to get everyone to agree to a time was next to impossible.  And so the Red Team just decided to do our own pre-party type thing and decided to just let people know when we were at the beach as we arrived.  With this ‘plan’, all of red team headed towards the night market for a couple beers and some food, it was here that I had one of the best chicken salads of my life, it was one of those heaven-in-your-mouth type situations ( I have been back twice since then already).


Heaven on a plate

Following this deliciousness we headed toward the beach ( beers in hand) for a little group bonding fire show.  There are two people in the red team who can spin fire and tonight they finally managed to get hold of some petrol/gasoline with which they could spin, and so we let the other teams know we would be at the beach shortly and invited who ever wished to attend.  We managed to get around 30/40 people together at the beach, couple that with some music and beers and it can only be a fantastic evening.  While the fire spinners set up their gear the rest of us mingled around, made new friends, said hello to old ones and pretty much forced each other to drink haha.  Yet once our fire guys were ready everyone gathered round to watch the show and a show it truly was.  Adam and Sean (our fire guys) were amazing, they each showed great skill and Sean- this being one of his first times- showed great promise.  Adam showed his experience and did some cool tricks and spins (all of which I got on video and am busy uploading onto YouTube), they really made the beach time a great experience and undoubtedly earned some points amongst the females present haha.


Adam doing some tricks


 Some more fire spinning

Unfortunately the fire shows had to come to an end when the fuel ran out and so that became our cue to leave the beach and head toward the clubs.  Our first port of call was the Blue Monkey ( same club we went to last week), there we decided a couple pool games were in order while we watched the beginnings of the Songkran festivities.  Here it became evident that if the teaching route does not pan out I will always have a bright and prosperous future ahead of me in the pool hustling scene, as myself and Bevan (fellow Red Team member) dominated the table and were able to remain unbeaten for 5 games and eventually had to forfeit as it was time for us to leave.


Blue Monkey and my lucky table


The famous Blue Monkey

After the Blue Monkey we headed for Click to do some dancing and meet some other XploreAsia members, but along the way we came across a foam party at an intersection.  They had literally just covered an entire intersection with foam machines and started their own party, Thailand is probably the only place I know of where this sort of thing can be done.  There were no issues, no one was cross or angry and everyone just went with it and joined the party and had a good time.  This seems to be standard Thailand ideology and – from what I understand- stems from their religion which promotes good karma and acceptance of most situations.


Intersection foam party

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0178.Jess and Bevan having a good time

After eventually arriving at Click we stayed and danced for about an hour before the hunger set and we thought it best to head home.  We gathered the troops and departed for the standard Mc D visit for a nice well earned Mc chicken meal.  The ride home was rather uneventful except for the fact that we managed to squeeze 8 people into a 4 person taxi, so that was rather scary haha.  Anyway, it was a highly successful night, lots was experienced , both culturally and party-wise and I feel it is safe to say Thailand is one of the friendliest and happiest nations in the world and I am so glad to be here.  Tomorrow should be another great day as we head out to celebrate the Songkran festival with the whole of Hua Hin, so stay close and ready to read the next exciting instalment.

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