Hua Hin…day 11

Although for many of you today is Friday, for us it is technically a Thursday as for some sad, mean unimaginable reason they scheduled us a day of classes tomorrow- YES tomorrow a Saturday!!  As much as they tried to ruin our Friday with this news ( although I’m sure it wasn’t intentional) today was actually a rather good day.  Firstly both my presentations went well, the first (it you read the last post, it was my Sammy the sea turtle presentation) I did individually and for my first time doing a solo I felt it went rather well.  The feedback was positive and helpful as always, with many people agreeing that I needed to have more energy when in front of the class.  And so I took this feedback and adjusted myself before doing my second presentation, this presentation was the paired listening class practical I did with fellow SAFFA Jez.  Our theme was snowman and our story went like this;

  1. Little snowman round and fat
  2. in your scarf and funny hat.
  3. Orange carrot for a nose
  4. frosty head and frosty toes.
  5. Little snowman be my friend
  6. Please don’t melt till winters end.

For this presentation I found it was very easy to be animated and energetic, we sang the song and danced and even managed to get the class involved.  This was by far my best presentation yet, I had fun and the class seemed to agree.  Another good thing happened today, Katy and I were called into a follow up meeting for the interview we did yesterday.  They ( this time the meeting was with XpolreAsia staff) told us that the agency loved us and that we potentially have two offers.  One offer places us inside central Bangkok, although it’s not my first choice to live in Bangkok, since being here we have heard a lot of positive things about it and further there will be a number of other red team members also teaching within Bangkok.  However the term start date is only at the end of May meaning we would need to be able to cover ourselves for an extra month before being paid as well as having to find something constructive to do for roughly a month ( not very easy when you on a budget).  But, the second option is at a school just outside of Bangkok and their start date is between the 8th-15th of May.  This is obviously the more ideal option for us as it still allows time for us to travel within Thailand for about 2 weeks ( the course finishes on the 23rd of April) while still providing us with payment come the end of May.  As you can see there is a lot for us to think about and a lot of pros and cons to be calculated and this is only IF we are chosen at both schools, which we shall find out at another meeting next week.


Class is in session


Another presentation in session

The rest of the day was pretty standard, class was good learnt a new thing or two throughout the day haha.  During lunch break we ventured to this little corner bike repair/ banana bread and coffee shop to grab some food.  It is a funny little place, they sell probably the best banana bread ever and also make a number of delicious coffees both hot and cold from their front section, while at the back they are busy fixing and repairing both bikes and scooters.  These Thais are really a multitalented resourceful bunch.


The little coffee/bike shop


The girls ordering coffee, with the scooters waiting for repairs in the background

Following our busy day in the office/classroom a bunch of us decided to head toward Tesco to grab a couple weekend necessities.  Now this weekend is going to be one of those unforgettable ( or hard to remember, if you know what I mean) type of weekends.  Let me tell you the plan, so after class tomorrow all the teams are meeting up for a house/beach party and as there are about 60-70 students in our entire group this may be the Thailand equivalent of Project X haha.  Anyway tomorrow night is in fact just a warm up for the festivities planned for Monday ( which we have off, along with Tuesday), Monday is Songkran (high chance of incorrect spelling here, I do apologise) day.  Now Songkran is the Thailand new year’s, they celebrate by throwing a nationwide water festival.  This means- or so we told- that the entire Hua Hin district comes to a standstill as people take to the streets with the aim of making everything and everyone as wet as possible, they walk around with water pistols and stage drive-by’s with buckets of water.  Being as wonderful as they are XploreAsia has rented out an entire restaurant for the day to act as our home base, they will supply food, drinks and ammo ( aka water) for the festival.  Now as you can imagine we are rather excited for Monday and the festivities it brings, so excited in fact that while at Tesco we all stocked up our armouries with the latest water pistols and stocked our wardrobes with the latest in Hawaiian t-shirt fashion trends.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0092.My outfit for Monday, fully loaded 

 So as you can see this weekend promises to be full of excitement, action, laughter and great memories.  I shall be recording and photographing the entire weekend so that I will be able to show you guys what you missed out on haha.  Oh and as promised I have managed to create myself a Youtube channel, it is called Unguided- the world tour.  I am in the process of uploading a number of videos to the channel and once it is complete I shall provide a link to the channel on my blog page, so please take a look when you get the chance and tell your friends and parents to check it out as well.  Anyway I hope you all have a lovely weekend where ever you may be and remember to make the most of it.

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  1. Looking forward to the videos! and pictures of the water festival!

  2. H Dog says:

    Hey my boy, HL and I just spent last hour reading all your posts, which we really enjoyed and will share among family and friends who enquire about you.
    Sounds like you guys are having a blast and learning skills, makes us proud.
    Good writing my boy, easy and fun reading. Keep them coming.
    Looking forward to the next post.
    Love and hugs to you and Katy.

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