Hoa Hin…Day 3

Today started just like any other, the standard 6:30am sweaty wake up followed by a mug of coco pops and a nice cold shower. Like yesterday we started with classroom work, the topic of the day was Thai culture and history. This lesson included the history and background of the development of Thailand and its Monarchy, it’s place during several wars and how it managed to stay out the grasp of colonialism. It was very interesting to learn how even though all the surrounding countries suffered from colonialism ( such as Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia), Thailand managed to steer clear of all this by the clever trickery of their King. After learning a great deal about Thai history we decided to venture out and rather have a taste of Thailand 🙂 Did you know that Thailand is in fact responsible for 15-17% of the world’s pineapple produce? Yeah, me neither! Still, off we went to a pineapple farm. Marvelous things these pineapple farms, just rows and rows of little pineapple bushes ( yes pineapples grow on a bush on the ground and not on a tree) sitting in the baking sun and although the farms are very farms, the level of interest is not very big and we only managed to stay for about 20minutes – haha. In this time though many pineapples were eaten and we brought about 5/6 big bags of pineapples for our next adventure – the elephant park.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0163.Baby pineapple battling the sun


Rows upon rows of pineapples

Next was the Hutsadin Elephant Sanctuary, and now before you think- like I did- that an elephant “park” is a bad place and not good for the elephants ( which many are), this particular one is in fact more of a haven type place. They buy elephants from circuses and work farms and then provide them with a home and better living standards.  XploreAsia is closely associated with the park and donated structures for the elephants to live in. Furthermore, XploreAsia has over the past 4 years brought something like 2.5tons of pineapples to feed the elephants.  The elephants seem wonderfully happy, they all looked very healthy and were delighted when we all arrived with our bags of pineapples.  They are very clever creatures and some stood on the pineapples to break them in half to get the juicy centre. It was an awesome experience to not only be able to feed them but also to be so close to these elephants.


My first elephant selfie 🙂


Katy getting a hug from baby Song Krahn

Our last activity of the day was a very interesting little village known as the Artists Village.  Its a very small compound-type situation full of artists. It houses about 10-12 artists at a time and each one has their own studio area where they create and sell their pieces.  They even have a little mascot pug called Vaughn 🙂  Of course while at the artist village we were mad enough to try our hand at drawing – needless to say I would not have been allowed to stay as my attempted flower looked more like a colourful square – haha.  Still, I learned that many people in my group are in fact potential artists and their talent showed in their flower drawing abilities.  We were later allowed to turn our masterpieces into tattoos and were able to tattoo each other, and even though it was just henna tattoos, it is a very serious undertaking.  It started all professional-like, with people actually tattooing rather good things on each other, yet as time wore on, the tattoos became more and more childish, with some people ending up with giant elephant bums on their arms haha.


Everyone learning to tattoo at the artist village


Selfie at the art village:)

All in all it was another great day here in Hua Hin, everyone had a great time making elephant friends and picking pineapples.  It has been the most fantastic week so far and tomorrow looks to be another great day to end off the week:) This is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, the people you meet, things you do and adventures you have are life changing.  I would not change this for anything and I thank everyone in my team for making it such a fantastic time 🙂  The next time we chat I will be telling you all about some Thai culture and history as well as providing some mauy thai lessons 🙂 haha

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