Day 20

Today was a truly great day.  Although we started with the 5:45am wake up it did not put a dampener on my day, I was dressed, prepared and ready to go educate a bunch of kindergarten students haha.  I taught two classes today, the first was K2/2 (which is 2nd year kindergarten, so they were about 4/5 years old) and the second was K1/3 (they were about 3/4 years old).  So from the information and experiences we had gathered last week we knew that we would have to make a couple changes to our lesson plan for today.  We began by taking out the majority of the dialogue and sentence based work and replaced it all with fun educational activities.  We still left in worksheets such as match-the-picture-to-the-word and of course the colouring in pages, while we added in activities such as relay races, sitting in a circle and throwing a ball and number of other hands on activities.  Our first class began at 8:30am with the K2/2 students and our topic for the day was exercise, there were about 18 kids in this class and they ranged from wearing Superman and Spiderman outfits to Barbie and princes outfits, with my personal favourite being the Ben10 suit haha.  Anyway we started class with a teacher says game (remix of Simon says), in the game we had the kids act out a number of the vocab words which were;

  • Run
  • Jump
  • Swim
  • Throw
  • Ride

as well as doing things like stretching and touching your toes and so on.  This activity seemed to go down very well with the kids and they all participated with tons of excitement and enthusiasm.  We then had to spend 10minutes trying to get them all to sit back down long enough for us to start the lessons haha.  Eventually once the majority were sitting we were able to begin, we stated by presenting the vocab words again and got the class to repeat each word a number of times.  While we were repeating the word jump a couple of the students decided to stand up and demonstrate the activity to the class, during this one little girl decided to cling to my leg and not let go.  There was just too much happiness and excitement in the kids for us, as the teachers to not smile and have a good time, for that reason we decided to fast track the vocab section (the boring part of the work) and move on to more activities.  What we did was get all the children to sit in a circle, once in the circle we asked them to roll a tennis ball to each other and each time you got the ball you had to say one of the vocab words on the board.  This game was a huge success as every kid wanted a chance to hold and roll the ball and so there was a lot of word repetition going on (so it was both fun and exciting for the kids, while still letting us do our work).  Next we had them all return to their desks where they were each handed a picture to colour in, now for these kids colouring in is the greatest thing ever.  I have never seen such enthusiasm and determination in a colouring in worksheet before, they absolutely loved it, Spiderman however got a bit too excited and couldn’t keep the colour inside the lines and so ended up pretty much colouring in the whole A4 piece of paper haha.


Everybody colouring in, even teacher Katy doing a masterpiece


Some more focused on colouring then others

The rest of the class continued in this fashion with lots of colouring, playing, running and jumping going on.  For me it was the most fun I’ve had so far, the kids were all loud and active and that allowed me to be the same.  I knew from last week that one of my issues was being energetic and smiling while I was teaching, but I found that today the kids’ energy forced me to be energetic and happy as well and it was a great time, I was happy.


 Quick selfie with my class favourite

 I could not wait for our second class to begin, luckily though we had an hour off before our next class so we could eat and replenish some lost energy haha.  During our hour off, I went around and watched a couple of the other students doing their teaching and I must say we are quite a talented bunch.  I also discover during this time that although my class went like clockwork a number of the other teachers had a couple issues.  In one of the K1 class for example when the teachers began the class they already had 4 crying kids and that during their lesson one kid decided he did not need to wear pants anymore and proceeded to take his pants off and run around the class in his shirt haha.  This was calm though compared to another class where the teachers started the class by getting the kids to sing “If you happy and you know it clap your hands” (seems to be a crowd favourite here in Thailand) and one of the kids just spontaneously erupted and threw-up everywhere.  Apparently this is normal though and everyone (everyone being the kids and the Thai teachers present in the class) just seemed to carry on with the song as if nothing had happened haha don’t fear though, the messy was cleaned up before the next activity.  After hearing all these horror story I felt even more blessed with my first class, they seemed a perfect bunch compared to the rest.

With the start of our second lesson fast approaching Katy and I gathered up all our resources and made sure everything was in order and ready to go.  We began the class in a similar manner this time however the class had no desk so there was ample room for activities.  Using this space we had all the kids running around and jumping and playing and just having a good time.  This energy carried over into the vocab presentation stage and we had all the kids repeating and demonstrating the vocab words.  This class was filled with a number of naughty kids those and there was one who felt it necessary to rub out the words on the board as I wrote them haha.  We also had a couple kids who just wanted to jump around and be picked up the whole time, but we soon managed to settle them down in a circle so we could begin the tennis ball game.  Yet this time it was slightly more challenging, at one stage we had about half the circle trying to follow the ball around and this ended up with Katy being attacked by 5 kids haha.  Throughout the class I do not think there was a time when either Katy or I did not have a kid climbing or holding on to us.  For me this is what made the lesson, the kids were happy, fun, interested and excited and that meant we could be too.  We finally ended the class with the colouring in worksheet, here though very few of the kids were able to keep the colours inside the lines haha.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0048. The colouring in circle

And so this class to come to an end it was another highly successful class for us which we both believe went really well.  I’m sure you guys have picked up throughout this post but if not I had a truly great time here today, making friends with all these little Thai kids and hopefully parting some useful and memorable English words with them.  Tomorrow we have the day off from teach but come Wednesday I have one more chance to teach kindergarten this time it will be K3/1 and I am ever so excited to get started there.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. Hdog says:

    Glad you guys are enjoying. Sounds fun.
    Keep the updates coming.

  2. You dominating bro! So glad you enjoying it. Just two words of advice, you are definitely not qualified to teach the word ‘run’ and you cannot have a class favorite haha

  3. Colleen says:

    Love following your blog. You guys are doing SO well!!! Naturals!!’

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